Remote Learning

I feel like remote learning sucks .One reason is you can’t get you work do . You have other sibling with you.  Your not motivated to do you work.

It hard to get your work done . One reason is that you do not understand your work.  You can’t foes on you work . It take a long time to do your work .

You have other sibling around you. One reason is that when they cry you have to go see want happen. They will want you to play with them . They will be scamming wild you are in a conferences.

I feel like remote learning is terrible you don’t get your work done, you have sibling with you and your not motivated to do work . I hope it does not happen again never in my life.

Home Health aides

I what to be a home health aides.what I need to do for Job responsibilities.I need different skill .I need some  education and  experiment.

I need to do for job responsibilities.I need to changing dressing.Give the administering medication .Help with the routine task.

I need different  skill. I need to check a client’s pulse.Give a client medication. Help with medical equipment.

I need some education and experiment . Standardized  test. Doing house keeping tasks. learning basic safety technique.

I what to be a home health aides.I need to do job responsibilities,skills,enducation



Tessie and katniss same and different

Tessie and Katniss are the same way,but different in other. They both were going to be in the lottery. However Tessie like the lottery but dose what to be choose but  katniss hated the lottery. Katniss care about her family and Tessie dons not care .

Tessie and katniss were both in the lottery. They both were going to be kill in the lottery. The bad  government was run the lottery. They both family was there .

Tessie like the lottery but katniss heated the lottery .Katniss said I’m feeling nauseous and so desperately hoping that i’t not me,that it not me that it not me. This show that katniss is scared to be the Huger game. Tessie fined with the lottery.

Tessie protected her sister but katniss did not care. Katniss said i will Voltaire . This show that katniss care about her . How ever Tessie dons not care about her daughter and .

These is how Tessie and katniss are the same and different.  Tessie and katniss were both in the lottery. Tessie like the lottery but katniss heat the lottery .Tessie protected her sister but katniss did not care. Thet how there the same and how there different.

Cesar Chavez

I think we should name our school after Cesar Chavez. He had help his family by dropped out of school to work full-time. He want Latino work to vote. He want to decrees unfair and unsafe working condition for the farm worker

He had help his family by dropped out of school.He attended over 30 different types of schools.He help by his mother does not have to work at the field.

He what Latino to vote for him. So it can help his family with the food. He did not want nobody to by left out.


In 2020

I want to change three thing in 2020.I want to get better on my Art. Also I want to spend more time with my friends. I want to spend less money.




That all going to Change this year.I going to get better on my art,spend more time with friends and spend less money. This will be amazing year in 2020

Happy thanksGiving

I am thankful for my friends.

It is they are helpful. I

see that all my friends are caring and funny.

I love when they play with me all day.

I am thankful for My friends.

I feel love

I wonder if this is going to stay the same

I try to be kind to my brother and sister

I can always think about them

I am thankful for my family

I know school is fun for you

I understand it is kind of hard

I’m fortunate because I have good teacher

I dream to have good grades

I am thankful for having a good school

from Esmeralda

To have world peace

I pray for world peace. I want no more bullying.  We should not have guns. We should not have on more drugs.

I wish on more bullying to stop saying bad worlds and to not treat peoples badly and so we can help peoples.

There should not be guns in city so every one can live and so they can get along and there is on more fighting.

I want to not have on more drugs to live peace and to help there live so on one can fighting and so they can stay safe.

I what to help world peace we should Not have bullying, guns, and drugs and i wish for world peace.

I love my nature walk

I love my nature walk. In my nature walk I first got cut by thorns. I saw a butterfly. Then i love the birds that were flying in the trees.

Got cut by the thorn. I was walking into the the thorn. then I got hurt by the thorn and the got cut. Then I was bleeding on my leg.

Saw a butterfly. It was big. then the color of the butterfly was black and orange. And it keep on flying around me and it was fun

I love the bird. It was so  mach pretty, then it was red. And they were singing.

I love going to the nature walk it fun. I got cut by thorns,I was a butterfly and i saw bird. I wish i can go back in the nature walk.